Choosing an outdoor speaker is not as easy as one may think.

While there are a variety of companies that provide a wide range of speakers for the inside of your home, there are only a few that offer a great sounding outdoor speaker.

Unlike traditional outdoor speakers “which can be an eyesore,” with discrete accessories now available, speakers can remain out of sight.

Speakers can be hidden in planting beds, along walkways, covered under foliage, and even mounted in trees.  The subwoofers are buried in the garden or built into a planter box. Your outdoor entertainment will never be the same and guests will wonder where the music is coming from.

HS Tech Group offers outdoor speakers designed to operate under the most extreme weather conditions from 20 degrees to 190 degrees Fahrenheit.  Sonance, Klipsch and Monitor Audio, are just a few of the outdoor speakersHS Tech Group offers.

When choosing an outdoor speaker system that will stand up to sun, sand, and snow, one should consider the materials as much as the design.  For instance, Sonance Landscape Series is constructed of a high-quality ASA composite molded with UV-stable color that provides durability and resists chips and scratches.  The subwoofer is constructed from high-density PVC in a dark brown finish that is designed to be incorporated into furniture or planter boxes. The in-ground subwoofers feature a textured enclosure and powder coated finish on the canopy for strength and camouflage to ensure years of satisfaction. Some of the best outdoor speaker reviews have come from Sonance’s Landscapes series.

HS Tech Group offers a variety of outdoor speaker systems and even wireless outdoor speakers to blend sound seamlessly, creating the ideal ambiance and musical presence to your home every time, everywhere. Please visit our showroom for a demonstration.  If you are a current customer, just contact us, and we’ll be happy to set up a demonstration in your backyard!