Traditional in-wall or bookshelf speakers are designed to be heard, not seen.  “They don’t always blend into your space and can stand out like a black eye, ” says Judi Miller, Owner of Architecture by Design in Ellicott City, MD.  “Our clients want their music to blend or even disappear into their space, not overshadow it.”

Ever heard of Invisible Speakers?

Sonance recognized this gap in the market and set out to design and build the highest quality “invisible” speaker.  Yes, that’s right, “invisible.”  The design of the unseen speaker gets even better and goes beyond your imagination.   The only time you see them is when they come out of the box.  Once they are installed, the speaker fits in between the studs and remains flush with the wall.  You can paint it, plaster it or even wallpaper over it.

Since they’re virtually invisible and architectural friendly, “many of our client’s have incorporated them into rooms that otherwise would not include music at all” said Mark Recene, Chief Innovations Officer of HS Tech Group.  Typically rooms like the dining room or master bedroom have been the most popular, but recently these speakers have found their way into upscale living rooms.  Sharing space with fine artwork and pricey furnishings, the meticulous homeowner is now enjoying the room even more with their invisible audio system that conveniently remains hidden behind the walls.

Sonance, the technology leader that introduced the world’s first in-wall loudspeaker now offers what is being described as “The new reference in performance and installation flexibility for invisible loudspeakers” said Todd Ryan, Chief Speaker Engineer for Sonance.

Ari Supran, CEO of Dana Innovations, Sonance’s parent company said, “Our goal was to create an entirely new range of Invisible Speakers that deliver the best sonic performance.”  And now Sonance has the industry touting these invisible speakers as the best sounding speakers they’ve ever heard in this category.

HS Tech Group is currently working with a variety of custom builders, interior design firms, and architects that include these amazing speakers in every one of their projects.

For more information, please contact HS Tech Group and experience the performance from these speakers at our interactive design center for a one-on-one demonstration.