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During the holidays, memories are made by celebrating with family and friends. Unfortunately, opportunistic thieves are always more active at this time of year. No matter which calendar occasions you observe, there are several reasons to increase security at your home.

Some of the factors that may attract criminals include expensive gifts, deliveries, and extended periods away from home. Protecting your property is essential during the festive season. At HS Tech Group, we promote robust security measures that are affordable and effective.

Audio Visual

We ask a range of questions to identify the needs of homeowners and then cater to those needs. Sometimes, audio-visual security will be a help during the holiday season. Well-placed audio and visual security will both deter and identify potential threats. All recording devices are strategically placed to capture images and audio of possible intruders.

The holidays represent the ideal opportunity for criminals to score big. Visible cameras are often a deterrent but offer other benefits. You can monitor your home remotely from any device, this includes locking doors, activating the alarm, reviewing footage and so much more all from one place. By using software to control security devices and alarms, you can always have peace of mind even when away from home.

Access Control

Knowing who is entering your home and when offers you peace of mind. Access control is possible with keycodes, fobs, and remote controls. You have the power to decide who has access to your home at any given time.

With access control, homeowners can use reports to improve security. HS Tech Group can help you determine the best strategies for protecting your home. We integrate technologies to offer our clients the best protection.

Lighting Control

Lighting is an important part of home security. Blind spots create ideal hiding places for burglars. Dim lighting is a liability. If you want to protect your home, eliminate dark areas that provide cover for thieves.

You can use lighting and cameras to dramatically increase home security. Thieves do not like operating in full view of crime prevention devices. These include cameras and lights that illuminate even the darkest areas of your property.

Family & Friends

If you plan to visit family or go on vacation during the holidays, protecting your home is a concern. It is important to find somebody who is trustworthy to look after your property, or at least make it look like someone is home during your time away. Collecting mail, turning on lights, and showing that a house is lived in can deter criminals, especially during the holiday season.

HS Tech Group provides solutions including programmed lighting, movement-activated cameras, and other motion-sensitive equipment. We want to ensure that you enjoy the holidays without interruption.

Why HS Tech is the Best

HS Tech Group can help you protect your home. The team at HS Tech Group can create strategies based on your home and outside lives. Every homeowner is different, so what works for your neighbors may not work for you. We are willing to spend the time to get to know you and deliver effective solutions.

Security companies have a responsibility to cater to customers. Part of that involves the impact of a localized storm. When your security is impaired due to weather, we are always available to improve systems and keep your home safe.

Contact our offices today to learn more about the importance of home security. Our team delivers exceptional customer service. We also offer support with the operation and use of modern technologies.