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DVR and NVR surveillance systems are no longer dominating the commercial security market. More businesses are turning to cloud video storage for security solutions. Part of the reason is reduced reliance on hardware such as hard drives and servers. Cloud hosting simply negates the need and expense associated with physical storage equipment.

Besides the physical footprint associated with surveillance storage hardware, there is a cost consideration. Video recording infrastructure costs money to maintain. You will need to upgrade equipment regularly, which can stretch your security budget.

Reduced Reliance on Physical Storage Equipment

You will face challenges from design to installation when dealing with physical video storage hardware. The management of this surveillance equipment is often complex and requires a dedicated operator. Ongoing maintenance is a constant concern and can become expensive.

As your increase the number of hard drives needed to store video data, there is a greater likelihood of equipment failing. This can result in the compromise of crucial security footage and other information. Physical hardware typically needs replaced every five years to avoid degradation.

Advanced Storage & Sharing Options

When you need to share footage using physical hardware, a seemingly simple task can become a complex and time-consuming project. Some servers save video in predefined snippets, which doesn’t give you an easily accessible view of the whole picture. When the only solution is paying for increased storage and more advanced equipment, it is time to look to the cloud.

Cloud video storage will allow you to effectively share video footage. You can choose the length of video to send, or collate from multiple feeds. With a traditional surveillance system, this task is laborious and costly.

Access Surveillance Anywhere

Cloud supported software allows you to access your surveillance feeds and stored data remotely. You can grant authorization to security managers working from home. This negates the need to visit a physical site in order to access stored or real-time footage.

Cloud video storage provides businesses with a centralized surveillance system. The associated software can be installed on any compatible device. Security protocols are enabled to prevent unauthorized access, making this solution both effective and secure.

HS Tech Group Consultation

At HS Tech Group, we support businesses throughout every stage of planning, installation and maintenance. Cloud video storage updates are rolled out automatically, which means you won’t need to suffer downtime or the cost of new hardware.

We would like to invite you to take part in a cloud video storage consultation. Our team can link up all your technology, including security, lighting and conferencing. Surveillance solutions should meet both your security and budgeting needs. With energy saving innovations, HS Tech Group can reduce your security costs.

Modern cloud video storage offers a secure solution with greater accessibility. Multiple authorized parties can view and share the same footage at the same time. The downtime associated with managing physical infrastructure is all but eliminated. Your business will experience increased productivity and savings with advanced automation and storage in a virtual environment.

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