Video Surveillance with

One of the biggest benefits to having a video surveillance system in your home is peace of mind.

Wireless cameras mounted around your house can potentially identify intruders, but is about so much more.  This video surveillance system is designed to give you remote access and save short video clips to view at your convenience.  You can check in and watch live video at any time and watch short clips based upon your schedule.

With, you can monitor your property or your surrounding property while you are out of town, 24/7.  For Parents, check and monitor your home while away.  Ensure your kids are being taken care of with wireless cameras positioned throughout the home.  If you have elderly parents staying with you, you’ll be able to check in on them as well.

With an internet based system, can send direct alerts to your phone or email whenever it detects motion or tampering.  Any camera can be triggered to notify you when the front door opens, or if the gun cabinet is opened.  With, you can automatically capture a video clip and send it to your phone or computer, whichever you choose, watch the clip on your own time.  Move the wireless camera’s view via your smartphone and watch different areas in the same room.