Wheaties may be the breakfast of champions, but home automation is what turns mornings into winning ones. Mornings are important, and how you begin can set the stage for the entire day. Small annoyances can add up to huge time wasters that become even bigger hurdles later in the day. Fortunately, home automation can redeem the morning and get you out of the blocks in record time.

While home automation can’t pour the Wheaties into the bowl for you, Here are some ways it can get you off to a gold medal start.

Get Better Rest

A lack of quality sleep can cause problems for anyone. To stay on top of your game, use home automation to ease you into the evening and set the stage for sleep by using temperature controls and lighting to create the best atmosphere for sleep.

Use Temperature Controls to Get You Whether

Whether you like to roll out of bed to a nice warm room or want it cool enough to get you moving faster; you can use temperature control scheduling to program your wake-up indoor climate.

Start the Coffee and More

Why wait for the coffee to brew or any other electronic to start when you can schedule it for the precise moment you need it with the home automation app?

Fire Up Your Fight Song

Want even more inspiration? Start your day to your “fight song” playlist and face your day like a champion. We confess we are not all morning people at HS Technology, but with the help of home automation and the strong desire to serve our customers, you’d never know it. With coffee in hand, we are ready to serve you!

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