When considering a business video surveillance system, various factors should be considered. Each of these factors will aid in the design, acquisition, installation, and service of your system. We consult with many businesses throughout the year and find while one of the following factors drives the decision to purchase business security cameras, there are other reasons that will determine the final decision of what to install. In this post, we will address these reasons. Video surveillance is a tricky topic because there are so many reasons to install a system and the prices will greatly vary. It’s important to identify your top reasons before you begin the process of selecting a professionally installed system.

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1. Prevent Vandalism

Vandalism or graffiti costs local governments and small businesses thousands of dollars to clean up, not to mention the downtime or loss of business during this period. Depending upon the location of your business, vandalism can be a big nuisance. Most vandalism is conducted in public areas in plain view, such as billboards, bus stops, subways, tunnels, train stops, or the like. Before installing surveillance, it is recommended to light the vulnerable areas well. Furthermore, if the vandals are breaking glass, use protective film or change the windows to unbreakable glass. Lastly, you should seriously consider the installation of video surveillance. Small businesses that have vandalism problems as the driving factor can invest in a “Talk Down” remote guard service utilizing video as a live means of protecting the property from vandalism.

2. Reduction of Theft/Break-ins

For businesses that have experienced a theft or break-in, a properly installed video surveillance system can provide the video footage needed for the authorities to make an apprehension. By utilizing high-resolution images recorded at a very high frame rate, this high-quality footage would be used to view facial features or make identification of the individuals dress and identifying marks. Most correctly installed systems, along with the proper signage, will also act as a deterrent. Reduction in theft or the fear of break-ins is usually a huge concern with retail businesses that have a lot of expensive but small items and carry cash inside the location.

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3. Cost Savings Measures

Businesses that watch their bottom line are always looking for ways to cut costs. For some, identifying the amount of shrinkage or internal theft is just a part of doing business. Depending upon how much of this occurs; may make for any easy decision. For example, if you have a documented loss of $5,000 per month from the inventory on your trucks and in the warehouse, the installation of this small business video surveillance system will cost $20,000, and you can safely expect it to reduce this problem by 50%.

Your return on investment for this type of scenario would be just about ten months. Sure there will be upkeep, but you’ve reduced your losses to $2,500 a month, and once the system has been paid for, you have a much smaller annual investment for the upkeep and service. Most businesses would be able to make a decision to install a video surveillance system if there was a similar calculation performed.

For businesses that utilize on-site security guards, a properly design video surveillance system can be a good cost saving tool. A similar comparison in the actual costs of the guards to the capital expenditure and how many months until the return was realized would have to be performed. It may also make sense to utilize a monitored surveillance system as well, allowing the business to be able to deter or interrupt a crime in real-time, instead of just viewing footage the day after. Most integrators familiar with monitored video surveillance systems will be able to design a system for your particular purpose and in some cases may be able to cover more areas than a single guard could at any given time.

4. Increase in Employee Productivity

It’s a fact that when the boss is watching, the staff is working. Depending upon the type of business you operate, cameras on production lines or in manufacturing areas quickly help identify those who are not being as productive as others. When cameras are added to the workplace, there is a visible difference in the employee’s behavior. The thought of being watched also tends to keep staff working and punctual. Business security cameras can sometimes be used to settle disputes, reduce workplace violence, and resolve conflicts between employees. Proper placement of video cameras outside the building may also keep staff working later, or on a late shift since they know there is a video surveillance system incorporated into a “video escort“ service available for when they leave, all resulting in increased productivity. The overall installation of video surveillance cameras when properly designed can improve the working environment.

5. Video Documentation

Some businesses require video documentation of events that occur on site as part of the regulated business or for compliance purposes. With many states passing new laws regarding marijuana, there are special requirements for these video surveillance systems. Requirements will dictate the quality of the cameras based upon megapixel quality, along with the amount of storage retained, and that the storage is duplicated both on site and off site.

In cases in which a customer or employee claims a slip and fall or another job-related injury, video footage can be very helpful in determining the actual cause. Insurance companies utilize this footage to reduce casualty claims.

6. Customer Experience

If you have a retail location and want to provide the best experience for your customers; installation of a business video surveillance system can easily help you monitor your customer’s experience. Starting from the exterior of your location, you would be able to monitor remotely:

  • Is there trash or debris located on the parking lot?
  • What are the total number of available parking spaces?
  • Are the shopping carts kept in the proper containment areas?
  • Is the lot well lighted at night or are there lights that need to be replaced?

From the inside of your location, you would be able to monitor:

  • Is there someone at the register or is there a line forming?
  • Has the store been stocked appropriately?
  • Has the store opened on time and is it staffed accordingly?
  • Is there a customer looking for a sales associate?
  • Is the interior or the store clean and ready for business?
  • Are all the aisles clear or is there stock sitting to be shelved?

It’s all about the customer experience! Being able to view the store remotely will give you the full picture if something is out of order and allow you to manage to make the appropriate changes remotely.

7. Customer and Employee Access

Some businesses may require video more for live interactions than for surveillance, but we included it in our reason for video cameras regardless. Therefore, it should be incorporated into the overall system. If your business requires admittance from a locked door, an audio intercom will not always suffice. Having audio incorporated with video will allow you to see if it’s just one individual trying to gain access or others attempting to rush the door once it’s unlocked. It is very helpful if you have a loading dock and would like to see who is at the bay door before opening the door into your loading area. It offers a higher level of security and can also be used in the situation where someone does gain access that shouldn’t have.

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Know who enters your property by capturing their license plate with this Bosch License Plate Capture Camera

8. Peace of Mind

Allowing the manager or owner of a business the ability to remotely view one or multiple sites from one viewing screen will give them a higher level of comfort, and that everything is as it should be. Peace of mind comes into play when the security system detects an alarm and the individual on call can visually verify the nature of the alarm utilizing the video surveillance system. This in itself can alleviate a false dispatch and save the company money from a false alarm fine.

Once you prioritize your reasoning for a video surveillance system, it will be much easier to determine the type of system and the requirements needed to accommodate your installation. There is a big difference between wanting to know how many trucks are in your yard at night and the license plate of the car parked just outside the yard’s fence.

For more information on business video surveillance systems, business security cameras, and the reason behind why you should install one, contact HS Tech Group and ask for our commercial division, at 1-888-947-8476.

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business video surveillance checklist cta