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Why do Burglars look forward to summer more than any other season? 

Summer is a time of year that is anticipated eagerly by many.  When the weather is warm, children and adults are outside more, and people tend to keep their windows and doors open for longer periods of time.  Adults often have more flexible schedules, and kids are off from school.  As a result, homes are much more likely to be burglarized during summer months more than any other season.  With a properly installed security system and some helpful tips, HS Tech Group can help prevent the criminals from ruining your summer.

It’s not that burglars are more active in the summer than other seasons; they’re given more opportunities because of the lack of effort made by homeowners to secure their properties.  One of the most important and obvious tips for summer is making sure you install a home security system and using it.  Controlling your security system has become incredibly simple by using mobile apps.  Our HS Tech Group security systems allow you to use your iPhone, Android, and Blackberry as a keypad and for receiving notifications.  For instance, the kids just disarmed the system or your home just lost power due to a storm.  You can even watch live or recorded video footage from multiple security cameras directly on your mobile phone or tablet from virtually anywhere.

Secondly – ALWAYS secure ALL entry ways…doors, windows, etc.  Whether you are away from home for an hour or the weekend, lock all open access. Burglars look for nice things, so that means closing garage doors and window shades, so you’re not exposing expensive tools, golf clubs, recreational vehicles and pricey home electronics and more.

Thirdly, use exterior lights.  Burglars wear dark clothing for a reason and simply installing outdoor lighting will serve as a big deterrent.   You can also incorporate an HS Tech Group lighting control system. We can schedule your outdoor lights to come on at dusk or whenever you want.  They can also be programmed to look like you’re home with the press of a button while you’re away.

All of us at HS Tech Group want you to enjoy your summer.  By incorporating these helpful tips, you’re reducing your chances of becoming a victim of a home burglary.

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Stuart Forchheimer
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