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Business security is not something that can be taken lightly. From various electronic systems to managing the physical aspects of your building’s security, simple upgrades to both the interior and the exterior portions of your security system can protect your investment and your staff for many years.

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Basic Security Systems – Do they need to be checked?

Many businesses rely on basic systems to protect their building, inventory, equipment, and technology found in their brick and mortar business. These simple systems are usually comprised of at least one or two of the following; deadbolt locks, simple “3 doors and a motion” type electronic security systems or possibly a small camera system. In reality, this may not be enough to ward off would-be threats. Something as simple as improving the exterior lighting can eliminate blind spots and ward off potential thieves. Remote camera monitoring can also provide clear real-time images to an offsite video guard service for visual monitoring of fenced-in areas. Even new signage offers the appearance of having updated your security systems, even if you have made only minor changes. Additionally, regular inspections of your surveillance system can reveal problems that would leave your business vulnerable.

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Adding exterior lighting can eliminate blinds spots and deter potential burglars

While occasionally reviewing the recorded video, may give you some peace of mind, it is our recommendation that you perform an annual electronic and physical safety inspection to assess your current risks. From locks to doors to windows to changes in the crime rate in the area, these safety checks can reveal vulnerabilities you may have overlooked in the past.

Technological Advancements in Security, Surveillance, and Access Control

If your surveillance system is more than five years old, it may be time to upgrade it to take advantage of the technological advancements that have occurred. Updating cameras from analog to IP will offer clearer picture quality and a potentially more coverage of the areas. 24/7 cellular monitoring combined with immediate text and push notifications through a connected security app can not only alert you to the presence of intruders but can also provide you with detailed alerts of when employees arrive and depart from your business. New technology even eliminates the need for keys in secure or sensitive areas. Unlike physical keys, access control credentials cannot be copied as easily as a key, and they also restrict access to important technology and equipment, proprietary information or private offices.

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Access control credentials are more secure than regular keys

In the past, users would need to “swipe” their card, but advancements in technology have now made the cards just one type of credential that can be used. Key Fobs that go on your key ring or even dime sized wafers can be attached to the back of your cell phone for an easy and convenient way to carry your access credentials. Near Field Communication (NFC) may be coming in the future as well, which will allow you to carry your cell phone as the credential to gain access. Long term, as thieves become more sophisticated, you will most likely begin to see two-step verification (your phone as well as a credential or your fingerprint and your phone to gain access). Biometrics have come a long way and will begin to replace many conventional type readers because it’s one less credential you will need to carry.

Don’t Forget the People Part

The security of most businesses is only as good as the people who work there. It is important to not only encourage employees to look for potential threats but also to enforce visitor management to keep less trustworthy visitors from gaining access to sensitive areas. While your staff may provide an added level of security, it is also important to protect the employees. Conducting regularly coordinated exit drills (fire/threat) or stay in place drills for situations where there is an imminent threat allows employees to think through critical situations. Having these plans written and available as emergency plans are very helpful as well. By addressing the security of your employees you are not only sending the message that their safety is important, but you are also protecting your business from liability should the unthinkable happen.

exit drill office emergency preparedness

“REMAIN CALM!!!!!!!”

From basic upgrades to taking advantage of technological advances to managing your employees’ safety, improving the interior and exterior of your business security system may seem like a daunting task. Let the professionals at HS Tech Group walk you through your risks and help you improve your security system. Call today for a consultation.

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