power outage checklist

When you lose power, your security system relies on the battery backup installed in the main control box. Most systems (depending upon the number of hardwired devices connected to the system’s main power supply) have enough battery backup power for short periods of power loss, anywhere from 4-12 hours.

The system backup battery should be replaced every five years or more frequently depending on the number of power outages and the length in hours of those outages. The more outages and the longer they are; will reduce the longevity of your backup battery.

Once your system loses power, the keypad will beep to alert you that there has been a power loss, as it would beep to alert you of any trouble with your alarm system. You will be notified via text or email if you are using our interactive services.

To quiet the trouble beeps, you must acknowledge at the keypad that you have been made aware there is a power loss. This will continue every 4-10 hours, (depending on system) until your power is restored or until the backup battery is completely drained at which time the keypad will stop beeping.

When you power comes back on, your system may give you another series of trouble beeps to notify you the backup battery is low. The backup battery should recharge itself within 24-48 hours in most cases depending on the life and age of the battery. Should the battery not recharge; contact the service department to get a replacement installed.


Instructions on how to check the system status for some of our security systems is found below. If you do not see yours listed, feel free to email us at customercare@hstechgroup.com, please provide your account number, your name and address in the email and we will reply with the proper document to assist you.

  • ADEMCO Vista 20 – Press the Asterisk (*) key, listen or read the status of the system. To clear the trouble; press the # 1, then code.
  • AT&T 8300 – trouble will be flashing, press select to review,  press select again– read the trouble
  • AT&T 8000 – select messages (trouble flashing) LED will be lit for trouble
  • Destiny Apex Panel- Press the ‘Status’ button to acknowledge trouble
  • DSC 832 – press the asterisk key (*) then the number 2 read trouble (*2) again will stop beeping
  • Caretaker +- Press Status button
  • Commander 2000 – Press ‘Status’ button
  • Concord – Press the asterisk key (*) disarm and four digit code to clear if in memory
  • Concord Express — Press the asterisk key (*) disarm and four digit code to clear if in memory
  • Simon 3 – Press ‘System Status’ key listen to trouble. To clear in memory, disarm using four digit code
  • Simon XT – Press ‘System Status’ key listen to trouble. To clear in memory, disarm using four digit code
  • Simon XTi — Press ‘System Status’ key listen to trouble.  To clear in memory, disarm using four digit code
  • NAPCO Systems- System will indicate “System Trouble” display will list a code of low battery, pressing the ‘Reset ‘ button will allow you to arm in a trouble condition.

Acknowledging the trouble from the keypad will usually stop the trouble beeps for 4-10 hours. If the trouble condition persists please feel free to email us at service@hstechgroup.com. If you are a current HS Tech Group client – and still need assistance, please contact our service department during normal business hours to schedule a service appointment.

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