family home automation

Tech that’s easily accessible — for everyone in the family.

As a parent, it’s natural for you to focus on keeping you and your family safe and make sure you can give them the best protection available. With all of the technology that’s around to make our lives easier, staying up to date and protecting what’s important has never been easier. With HS Tech Group, you’re given a helpful app that connects wirelessly to every HS Tech Group device you have set up in your home. From your smartphone to your home tablet, you can quickly and effortlessly manage every detail you need. The app can even be downloaded on multiple devices — parents can have joint comfort in knowing what’s happening, and kids can even enjoy it with the voice commands that HS Tech Group devices provide.

Connectivity to your home from anywhere.

Has there ever been a time where you had a delivery set to arrive when you were out of the house? Or where you had someplace you wanted to be, but instead had to wait to let someone in? With HS Tech Group, you can eliminate the stress though personal codes to allow those you trust inside. From the early-bird visiting about the contractor that’s set to work around the house, you can regulate everything without having to be physically present. Even when it comes to packages, connect yourself to the wifi camera set to your doorbell to check to make sure everything’s okay — you can vocally give instructions through your smartphone or tablet, ensuring that even while you’re away, you are still in control with HS Tech Group.

It’s your home — make sure it’s safe.

HS Tech Group is here to ensure that your family can feel safe and protected in your home. With security as its backbone, it includes fire and smoke protection for the air, and smash connection to send an alert should anything go wrong. It also has a cellular connection, and a range of proactive safeguards to make sure you can protect what matters. As a parent, your children will always be a priority. With HS Tech Group, you can attach contact sensor to any door or drawer so that you are informed when they are opened. Motion sensor lighting can be set up in any area so that if your kids should get up at night, they won’t be stumbling around blind.

Convenience is no longer a thing of the future.

Life can be a hassle all in itself, so why not let HS Tech Group help take the edge off? When you the app set to your smartphone, it can detect when you’re on your way home and help you get the ball rolling before you even walk through the door. With temperature control, you can set a flag to switch your thermostat from its conservation mode to comfort, so that you enter to your personalized temperature. Multiple instructions can even be configured with a touch of a button. One to secure the house once you’re out the door, one for when you return, and you can even set up multiple conditions for certain situations. Want a perfect setup for when it’s time for bed or even mornings? Personalization is all at your fingertips and has never been easier. HS Tech Group is your local home security and automation company, leading the way in advanced home automation technologies. Contact us today for a free consultation and schedule installation.

Stuart Forchheimer
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