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In today’s age of Skype and Facetime, having a camera with 2-way audio in your home security system may seem like an unnecessary upgrade. However, this system can not only provide an added peace of mind for you; it can give you some unintended benefits for your family members as well.

You are likely wondering…

What is a Camera with 2-way Audio?

Much like the intercom systems that adorned homes in the 1970’s, a camera with audio and video (two-way cameras) offer users the ability to talk from one point to another. The major difference is that two-way cameras of the 21st-century offer high-definition digital video and clear audio without having to press “talk” and “listen” buttons. Two-way cameras are easy to install into existing home security systems and allow you to communicate with both audio and video with those inside of your home. They require both a power source and strong Wi-Fi for operation. They are easy to use and can be controlled via a smartphone app.

But why not just call on the phone?

No Phone Necessary

Picture in your mind the people or pets you care about that are unable to use a smartphone. Want to sing your infant to sleep while you are away on business? Position a two-way camera in their room, pointed at the crib. Want to talk to your dog while you are at work? Position a two-way camera on a ledge in their room. Want to check in on an aging parent who does not have a smartphone or iPad? A two-way camera in their bedroom or kitchen allows you to easily check in without teaching them how to use an app. Two-way cameras also allow you to communicate with people in your home regardless of whether they answer your phone call or not.

Two-way Cameras Audio Allow you to be in Two Places at Once

B.F. Skinner’s psychological theories of reward and punishment suggest that the most effective way to keep a behavior going or prevent a behavior from happening in the future is to randomize the reward or punishment. Imagine how much more productive your children will be after school if you randomly pop in on a two-way camera to check in on their homework progress. Likewise, unexpectedly communicate with home assistants and maintenance specialists about project progress or job completion. With a two-way camera, you can effectively be at work and home at the same time and offer feedback and input on your schedule.

Can be Used Alone or as a Part of Your Home Security System

It is not necessary to have a home security system to take advantage of the dividends a two-way camera can pay. However, these cameras can be seamlessly integrated into your smart phone-managed home security system. No need to download a separate app to communicate with loved ones and home helpers at home. Simply touch a button from your existing home security app.

At HS Tech Group, we proudly install cameras with built-in audio. For more information on two-way cameras or to have one installed in your home, contact HS Tech Group for a consultation.

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Stuart Forchheimer

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Stuart is the President and CTO of HS Tech Group. Stuart lives in Baltimore County, Maryland with his two children, loving wife, dog, fish and assortment of wildlife.
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