7 Signs You Should Invest In a Home Surveillance System

invest in home surveillance system

You have had that nagging feeling for a long time now that you need to ramp up your home security efforts. So, what is stopping you? A sign? How about seven?

1. Home security can be a crime deterrent.

Most people don’t think about home security until a rash of crimes in their neighborhood force them to begin examining whether they will be targeted next. This reactionary approach is effective only if you have not yet been the victim of a break in or theft. Instead, put yourself in the criminal’s shoes. Since most thieves are opportunistic, they would rather avoid homes with obvious security systems and instead opt for an easy lock to pick or window to break.

2. You travel often.

Despite your efforts to make it look like someone is home if you often travel your home is at risk for a break-in. What’s worse, is that the crime would likely stay undiscovered until the perpetrators have long since fled the scene. Those that travel for work or pleasure can take solace in their home’s safety with a security system, especially one that is designed to alert the authorities should there be a breach.

3. You live in a poorly lit area.

poorly lit area

If your street is not fully lit, you may want to invest in motion sensor lighting

Again, since criminals tend to be opportunistic, a lack of lighting in your neighborhood automatically makes it a target for would-be thieves. Even though it is possible to petition the city for more street lights or install bright motion detector lights to shine on your property, a lack of lighting throughout the neighborhood gives intruders lots places to hide.

4. Your area is known for its criminal activity.

There are great neighborhoods amidst communities where criminal activity is common. In these situations, home security systems can help neighbors -become more aware of those who would cause harm to life, limb or property. If an alarm sounds, neighbors are immediately alerted and can, in turn, speak to authorities where they may otherwise be unaware of a crime.

5. Your homeowner’s insurance premiums are high.

One of the largest discounts homeowners don’t take advantage of are those associated with a home security system. Since these systems greatly reduce the risk of intrusion and property damage, insurers are willing to pass any savings along to the consumer. Some even offer a discount as high as much as 20 percent on your premiums.

6. You have valuables you would like to protect.

Whether it is your grandmother’s jewelry or high-end art, it is possible to insure costly items for their value but they are irreplaceable should they be lost or stolen. A home security system can protect new electronics, proprietary or personal information or other valuable tangibles.

7. You have children you would like to protect.

protect children with home video surveillance

As strange as it may seem to consider your children’s safety when talking about home security, it is possible that an intruder can try to gain access to your home while your children are there alone. Intelligent systems that are connected to Wi-Fi and a smartphone app can allow you to see when your children enter or exit, who is there with them and whether someone is trying to gain access without your permission. These systems can even alert authorities in an emergency.

For more information about the home security system that is right for you, call HS Tech Group for a free consultation.

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Stuart Forchheimer

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