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5 Advantages of Cloud-Based Access Control

Access control is a security technology that has been around for decades with the purpose of preventing unauthorized access to buildings or specific areas of a site. Not only does this technology allow businesses to manage the entry and exit of people to their location, but it also serves as a safety measure to protect […]

Improving Business Security Systems

Business security is not something that can be taken lightly. From the various technology options to managing the physical aspects of your building’s security, simple upgrades to both the interior and the exterior portions of your security system can protect the investment you’ve made in your business and your staff for many years. Do Basic […]

How Home Automation Can Help Busy Parents

Being a parent can be one of the most demanding jobs out there. While raising a child is a lot of work, it can also be one of the most rewarding experiences as you watch them grow. Thankfully, with advances in modern technology, we have more resources available that can help ensure the comfort and […]

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8 Reasons to Invest in Home Security

Home security has become increasingly popular over the years. As technology has developed and become more accessible, more homeowners are looking to add additional layers of security to help protect their homes and families. No matter what your reason for home security may be, you will want to ensure your security system is ready for […]

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7 Reasons to Install a Business Video Surveillance System

When considering a business video surveillance system, many factors should be considered in making your decision. Each of these factors will aid in the design, acquisition, installation, and service of your system. We’re sharing some of the top reasons why business owners should install a video surveillance system. The prices of a surveillance system can […]

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Why a Security System Means More Than Just Preventing Theft

A security system has become an everyday part of many business owners’ lives. While most people invest in these systems simply as a way of preventing theft, there are various features and benefits that many don’t think about before investing in security options. With advances in technology and the ability to further upgrade security systems, […]

3 Things You Can Do To Improve Your Campus Security

The fall semester is back in session. As students and faculty return to campus, it is important to question whether your campus security is doing everything to ensure each student’s safety and security while they attend classes. Today, schools face a variety of challenges that threaten not only the learning experience but also the safety […]

4 Types of Access Control Credentials

Modern electronic access control systems, whether on-premises or cloud-hosted, offer a variety of ways to authenticate users and grant them access to a space. Credentials are typically classified into a few categories, something you have, something you know, something you are, or any combination of these categories (multi-factor). Keep reading to learn about four of the most […]